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Онлајн продавница – Ultimate

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  • Delivery time 1-3 Weeks
  • Response Time 1 Day


A one-off development, web-hosting and maintenance of the web-site, 1 year


  • A number of languages, and 3
  • Menu, horizontal :Home, About us, Products, Services, Blog, Contact ✓
  • Menu: vertical :Type of products or services, ✓
  • The number of extra pages with the content - Unlimited
  • A number of information - text, photos, and animated images - Unlimited
  • An interactive contact information ✓
  • The mobile version ✓
  • The form on the contact ✓
  • Search engine ✓
  • Security сертефикат ✓
  • Memberships ✓
  • E-Commerce ✓
  • A number of the business and the e-mail address to 50
  • The number of products and services, up to 3000
  • Collection by банков order ✓
  • The refund in cash at the reception of the order ✓
  • The refund through the payment card ✓
  • Мод на каталог. 
  • 3D приказ на продукт ✓  
  • Online chat ✓  
  • Производи со вариации и атрибути ✓  
  • Поврзување со Facebook продавница ✓  
  • A system of reservations - Booking ✓
  • Track your outfit. ✓
  • The management of the delivery and the fee ✓
  • The actions and the quality of the printing ✓

2.The information, technical support ( free for the first year )

The provision of Information, technical assistance to the

the website that the text of the news , articles , pictures etc.

3. There will be give to this software at the web store/ page  ( free of charge for the first year )

-Updates for WordPress and PHP software version

-Updates for themes and plugins

-Correct the errors in the software updates of wordpress themes and plugins

-A module for the protection Wordfence protection from viruses, spam, and malware.

-Setting up Cloudflare for additional security and speed

4. Hosting of a website, the store/ website, and the the business e-mail address. ( free of charge for the first year )

-50 GB SSD ( NVMe ) of web space and hosted on a litespeed web server is in the US, the UK and the EU.

~500000 Visits per month

-Up to 50 business e-mail addresses.

-99.9% Guaranteed availability

-Daily and weekly backups of the website and the e-mail address of the FTP or google drive




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Frequently asked questions

We are proud of the fact that we create attractive and functional web sites with a single vision, and compliance with the latest standards for the quality of the website. We have many years of experience in the design and building of web pages that meet the business objectives of our clients. We are working in this direction, and always strive to satisfy our customers, and the people who visit the website.

Yes, сетингот is the E-mail is on it, and migration.

Yes, your data is 100% safe and can be stored on a daily basis, on 3 different devices.

Absolutely not! All of the themes and elements to be fully mobile. So, your customers are able to look at your web-page
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